Lollies and lollies and lollies recipes wanted

dingbat, Nov 3, 3:45am
Does any one got that jelly lolly recipe using jellies.?
and other recipes?


dingbat, Nov 3, 4:14am
Also I need.....
russian fudge.....
coconut ice......

valentino, Nov 3, 4:16am
Type in Confectionery in the search box and select anytime in the 3rd box then click search...


jessie981, Nov 3, 4:29am
you want microwave chocolate fudge?

dingbat, Nov 3, 5:27am
Yes please......

245sam, Nov 3, 5:41am
dingbat, have a look at:-

On that link you'll find a great variety of fudge recipes, including a fewfor microwaved fudge.:-))

pam.delilah, Nov 3, 6:06am
is this the one you are looking for?


1 cup water
2 cups sugar
2 very heaped Tb spoons gelatin
1 pkt jelly
a few drops matching essence
a knob of butter
boil together for 2/3 mins .
Pour into a wet mold .
Leave to set over night -not in refrigerator..
Next morning cut into squares and roll in ordinary sugar.
A lime jelly and lemon essence is very nice

jessie981, Nov 3, 7:39am
Microwave Fudge
500gr icing sugar, 1/4c milk, 1/3c cocoa, 1tsp vanilla essence, 100gr butter. Cook on high 3 mins. Remove & stir well. cook further 3 mins. Beat until thick. Pour intoa greased container & set in fridge.

dingbat, Nov 6, 5:20am
The jubes recipe is brilliant
and soooooooo yummy.....


lisa7, Nov 6, 7:26am
What sort of mold do you use? Thanks.

splitty, Oct 12, 11:04pm
I use chocolate molds, I have silicone, plastic and metal ones. The silicone are the easiest to get out, followed by the metal, then the plastic. Or you can just pour it into any tin with sides

cookessentials, Oct 12, 11:37pm
Somewhere, there is a confectionary thread

valentino, May 26, 5:07pm
Yeah, I'm having trouble with the search function also....

Only when I typed in my username it came up but not yours, TM needs to know this, simply not right.