Be-ro recipe book

jojo76, Feb 23, 10:20pm
A disaster has happened. . ive lost my be-ro reciepe book, which i purchased in the UK 15 years ago.
Ive looked online and it seems you can only buy them in the UK
OR maybe someone know on here how i can access one? ? ? Thanks

bernice1, Feb 23, 10:26pm
I have one, which is about 15 years old, which was sent to me by an elderly relative. In the backof the book, it says send a cheque or postal order for 99p to;
Be-Ro recipe Book, RHM Foods Ltd
Unit 14 Stafford Close,
Fairwood Industrial Park
Ashford, Kent TN23 2WY

I am sure that it would be a bit more than 99p these days, but you could try and write to them. Hope this helps.

bernice1, Feb 23, 10:31pm
OOps, I see from their web site that they now have a different address. Perhaps you know someone in the UK who could get one for you?

vinny8, Feb 23, 10:45pm, would this be the place for your recipes? not the book but online recipes.

lindylambchops1, Sep 4, 10:14pm this link! I couldn't get to the one above. Good Old Be-Ro!