No butter muffins

jc_cw, Sep 27, 2:06am
can i use oil instead?

lizab, Sep 27, 2:19am
If the recipe says the amount of melted butter you need, just substitute with oil, or cream if you have any :)

245sam, Sep 27, 2:23am
jc_cw, I haven't used this advice myself but I thought it was definitely worth keeping in mind in case I ever needed/wanted to substitute oil for butter.....

"make all my muffins with oil instead of butter now.My rule is for every 50g butter use 40ml oil. I use rice bran or canola oil now as it is apparently healthier but I guess you could use olive.
fantalantique (408 )1:46 pm, 26 Jul"

Hope that helps.:-))

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