Goat milk soap recipe

watertank1, Sep 24, 3:42am
Anyone have a simple recipe for goats milk soap??? Also do you know if there are any issues with selling soap at a fair etc...

accroul, Sep 24, 3:47am
google it - there are plenty of 'recipes' out there. Just remember to have your milk ICEy cold otherwise you will have caramelized goats milk soap.

watertank1, Sep 24, 3:49am
oh that sounds strangely yummy LOL :-)

accroul, Sep 24, 3:52am
Not with the quantity of sodium hydroxide needed to make soap!

watertank1, Sep 24, 4:05am
yes so i have googled and i feel really dumb LOL what is lye and where would i get it from?? I assume it is this sodium hydroxide that accroul is refuring to??? I was hoping it was going to be a little bit easier than what it seems form all the recipes i have been looking at and they are all american pounds and temps...... I might have to get the kids out of my hair for the day and make a proper go of it!!

pickles7, Sep 24, 4:39am
soap is very easy, you just need to be safe. Wear gloves and eye protection. I have seen a very nasty accident by a person who took the short cuts. sodium hydroxide, will burn. The best thing is to have a bottle of vinegar near by to use on any splashes.

accroul, Sep 24, 4:50am
sodium hydroxide = lye. I got my last lot from mitre 10 mega - they sell it as drain cleaner. Make sure that what you get is as close to 99% pure - there are some that have other fillers that are not suitable for soap making.
I agree pickles - we haven't bought commercially made soap in over 2 years!

pickles7, Sep 24, 5:25am
Also, the last lot of Lye I bought, was going to cost me an arm and a leg. I like you ...accroul...ended up buying drain cleaner. 1/4 of the price of "Lye". I checked on the labels and found the drain cleaner was as pure as the "Lye" in the fancy container. I love home made soap, it leaves you feeling squeaky clean, and soft. There is a knack to adding scent though I found. Add it too soon and you loose it. Best added at at trace, ....watertank1.....

beaker59, Sep 24, 5:49am
Never put vinegar on a caustic burn it is very dangerous and WILL make the burn worse!!!!!!

Treat a caustic burn just like a normal heat burn wash in water and hold in flowing cold water for 10minutes. If it blisters or doesn't improve then SEEK medical help as you can be still burning under the skin.

Handled carefully caustic isn't usually an issue but treat it with great care. Don't add water to a strong caustic solution but rather add it to water as this is the most common cause of an exothermic reaction. Wear Gloves and SAFETY GLASSES.

watertank1, Sep 24, 6:07am
ok great advice thanks, and what is this "trace"??? i am however a little concerned that "drain cleaner" is used and then we wash in it, granted commercial soap is still probably much worse. Again thanks for all the advice!!

beaker59, Sep 24, 6:35am
I am an industrial chemist not a soap maker so won't give advice there but caustic is Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH, it is also sold in solution(disolved in water) as caustic solution or draincleaner though draincleaners can contain other chemicals so be careful to check label, also check for concentration. When making soap you are taking a fat and converting it to a sodium stearate, bi product is glycerine. If you get the quantities right then it is safe and a process that has been done for many generations.

pickles7, Sep 24, 6:59am
I have made soap for years now, it really is very easy. I use a stick blender now. I always have vinegar on hand. It is used to neutralize the Lye.

Like a burn, I got at work one night, I dipped my whole hand straight in the flour bin, no scaring right back to work, I still do that. scolds are the worst for blistering, but never had a problem. I must say the hurt is a bit too much for many, but the benefits for me were huge.

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