Soap scale on shower door

mike16, Jan 29, 12:35am
I've tried everything to get the scale off my door. help please ! Prob in wrong forum but does it really matter ! Thanks, Mike

elliehen, Jan 29, 12:42am

harrislucinda, Jan 29, 2:44am
i amjustusingshampoonowmakestheglasssparkleandcleansscumoffdo thiseverysecondday

elliehen, Jan 29, 4:00am
I switched the family from soap to shower gel and there's no build-up any more.The shower is continuousy self-cleaning :)

falcon-hell, Jan 29, 4:12am
yeah 'they' say normal soap is the worst thing in showers.

roundtop, Jan 29, 4:51am
Take it from me try Shower Witch order off radiolive it is brilliant brilliant stuff!

roundtop, Jan 29, 4:59am
u get the shower witch from wet and forget;just google it!

mike16, Jan 29, 5:06am
Thanks for your help ! I'll try your recommendations !

twindizzy, Jan 29, 5:10am
Don't get Shower power!Even though Toni from Busby NSW in Australia recommends it, it is crap

sarahb5, Jan 29, 5:54am
Change to gel instead of soap and use white vinegar

lindylambchops1, Jan 29, 6:18am
When the shower doors are perfectly clean use Turtle wax on them, the water then just runs off, repeat every few months.

jills3, Jan 29, 7:25am
Also from Wet and Forget if you have an Ant problem,Ants in your Pants is the best product for really bad ant problems.

earthangel4, Jan 29, 7:47am
Have just tried this,works a treat thank you.

harrislucinda, Jan 29, 9:54am
ihave shower gelbut stillgo back to soap
soiuse to cleanglasswith ajaxfloorcleaner withbaking soda
but justtryedthisshampooi didntlikeand workedSO whatever worksforyou

toadfish, Jan 29, 6:11pm
If its a big build up,buy some Ceramic stove cleaner.Works well. then after you have brought it back to sparkling then I use one of those Tulle type scrubbers (normally for bodies) and regular soap. but will try cheap shampoo after what I have read.

toadfish, Jan 29, 6:43pm
Thats the one product I liked.What is rubbish is Mr Muscle Shower cleaner.It didn't seem to be working well so I read the instructions to see If I should be doing something special. and do you know what it says.


Go figure.

kob, Jan 29, 6:59pm
doesn't easy off bam do something like that for soap scum, but WV works a treat and for you shower base if its stainless steel baking soda and malt vinegar mixed upo bring it up shinny and new

rainrain1, Jan 29, 7:07pm
I love my shower with it's changes of curtain :-)))

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