Unpasterised organic milk supply in Auckland?

infinityjrc, Sep 13, 9:12am
Hi would anyone know where i can buy unpasturised organic milk, yoghurt cheese in Auckland?Are there specific brands that are good?Also looking for suppliers of organic produce?Can anyone help at all?

purplegoanna, Sep 13, 9:17am
i think its illegal to sell unpasturized milk but i could be wrong...

valentino, Sep 13, 8:55pm

Visit this link for a map of where one can get fresh cows milk.


ashanti, Mar 17, 6:04am
Hi, that milk map is not a good representation of what milk is available, I was on there until the website owner got annoyed when I sold some extra cheese culture I had here on TM.
I would suggest going to the lifestyle block website and putting an ad on there, good luck.
Yoghurt cheese just make your own, there is organic yoghurt available from most supermarkets. I have posted a recipe here on tm in teh past, as well as other cheese recipes.