Gluten Free Crumble

nfh1, Sep 10, 4:41am
I want to make a GF crumble for friends tomorrow (one is GF) would I just replace ordinary flour with GF in the same quantity please?Can anyone recommend a GF Flour - are they all much or a muchness??

Many thanks

2halls, Sep 10, 6:57am
Just use rice flour,it will be much cheaper than buying a gluten free flour mix,and will work perfectly well :-)

nfh1, Sep 10, 7:04am
thanks 2halls - I will do that.

angie461, Sep 10, 9:38am
I make it with coconut, butter, sugar and healtheries gf flour sometimes some gf muesli, a little cinnamon GF).

nfh1, Sep 10, 10:42am
that sounds lovely too - I can see I will be trying lots o crumbles over the next few weeks.

Thank you.

wildflower, Sep 11, 3:42am
I've made crumble without flour in it at all and works fine.

uli, Sep 11, 4:39am
I use chopped nuts (or LSA) and butter and a bit of sugar

uli, Mar 10, 10:19pm
Do you just use sugar and butter?