Edmonds dry yeast

elesha, Sep 9, 4:58am
hi ther it says "ideal for home bread makers" well it dose not work for me has any one else had the same or is it just for hand made breads

cookessentials, Sep 9, 5:11am
I think it means home bread makers as in those that hand make bread. I am pretty sure you need the surebake one for breadmakers...someone will be able to tell you.

chef1964, Sep 9, 5:14am
i have used the standard dry yeast in bread machines before it does work ok , but reduce the amount of yeast by about 25% (yes sounds a lot but it is correct) and increase sugar by about 25% , and be very very careful that the salt and the yeast do not come into contact with each other

gardie, Sep 9, 5:36am
I too have found it works well, both in the machine and by hand.I use 1/3 of the quantity of yeast compared to surebake.I find that a wetter mix works better as well.Good luck with the next batch.

elesha, Sep 9, 6:42am
thank you for that, I will try again or i may just go and buy the right yeast for the bread maker,and use this one for market bread.

pickles7, Sep 9, 7:32am
sure-bake is way better, I do not like the Edmond's yeast.

wron, Sep 9, 8:29am
I had a problem with Surebake too, changed to Tasti brand, do a search for the thread!

gardie, Sep 9, 8:33am
Bin Inn's supabake is the surebake equivalent - just as good but a lot cheaper.

cuteviolet, Sep 9, 9:27am
I use 'Tasti' brand now. It is cheaper and gives just as good results, if not better!

cgvl, Mar 7, 8:49pm
I prefer the tasti brand also but have never had problems with any of the other brands,
Remember that things like how warm, cold, dry, damp the air and day is will affect your bread as will the ingredients you are using. The flour may have more moisture than usual in it or be drier.
Its not always the yeast that causes failures in our bread unfortunately.