Bacon n egg toasties recipe

bombaloo, Sep 8, 11:37pm
Yeah they cook egg and bacon on grill plate, then use them to make toasted sandwich to cook the bread :)

tailz1, Sep 7, 10:06pm
Does anyone know how to make them like they do at the fish n chip shops? I've tried using a toastie maker, I've tried starting with raw egg, cooked egg, partially cooked egg and in the pan but I can't get it quite right.

Any ideas?

ironwoman2007, Sep 7, 10:16pm
Welsh rarebit is a lovely recipe, cooked in a pot and poured over toast. I like it much better than toasties, which i use raw eggs for. i wouldn't cook raw egg ones in the frypan, cos they will run all over? In the frypan is good, but just use cheese and etc, without the eggs............ this is making me hungry!

motorbo, Sep 7, 10:34pm
i think they cook the egg on the flat grill 1st

ferita, Sep 13, 9:17pm
They dont use a toastie maker for starters.

Fry the egg until just cooked and bacon in a fry pan then butter two slices of bread.

Make the sandwich with the butter on the outside then fry the sandwich in a fry pan till brown on both sides

tailz1, Sep 14, 3:08am
Cheers for the tip...I'm gonna give it a go and if it works out I'll take a picture of the sandwich and post some Food Porn for y'all :D

jc_cw, Mar 18, 9:01am
om nom nom, so making toasties tonight for lunches tomorrow