What to do with hoki fish please???

smooth66, Sep 2, 4:15am
I have some hoki and cause it breaks up thought Icould do fish cakes??? Any suggestions please

obviousas, Sep 3, 2:40am
Only works well with FRESH hoki.

1 kg hoki
divide into 4 or 5 portions to be put in the food processor.
For each 200 - 250gm portion, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda, half teaspoon of cracked pepper and half t/s of salt.

Put the ingredients, fish and the spices into food processor for about 20 to 30 seconds. If fish is fresh, when processor is switched off, the meat will roll up into a sticky ball.

Take the meat out and using your hands massaging it to a ball. Use brine water, a bit a time to prevent meat from sticking to your hands.

Repeat the process for the other portions.

Putthe 5 meat balls into a rectangular/square container approx. 30 cm X 30 cm. Press all the meat as tightly as you can manage. Then cut the compressed meat into 4 or 5 long pieces.

Shallow fry them in low heat until they are brown in all sides. Takes about 6 minutes each side. They can be freezed without the frost damage (cold burn) for ages. You can slice them thinly or thicker and add them in 2 minute noodles or used them as meat in stir fry mix vegetables.

Optional: To each portion, you can also add a tablespoon of cornflour to improve texture.

Let us know how you get on.

madeley, Sep 3, 2:46am
I chuck hoki and some curry paste and coconut cream into my crockpot and make a fish curry.

obviousas, Sep 3, 4:32am
Good recipe. I think I'll give this a go. I want to have a bit of bite as hoki is very flakey and disappears if you chuck into soup too early.

May I suggest that the hoki be cut into big chunks and rubbed generously with cornflour and then just before you eat dunk in the chunks for not more than a couple of minutes.

I am trying this with leftover fish curry from the new curry restaurant in Akl City called .... can't remember name. Just got some fresh hoki on special at P & S for $8.95 and adding more egg plant, okra and round beans. Also, putting in some sour cream to make it creamer. Maybe not, not so suitable with fish.....

margyr, Sep 3, 5:35am
it is ok, just cut out the brown/black bit down the middle as this has a very strong flavour.

gillywilly2, Feb 23, 4:16pm
Hoki is lovely dipped in butter then breadcrumbs and grilled my family absolutely love it done this way