Hot smoking fish - help please

amazing_grace, Jan 13, 2:49am
Hubby got a smoker for christmas, and I have just bought some fresh fish.But I have no idea how to light it, or prepare the fish.

Brown sugar on the fish?

Where and how do I light the manuka chips?

help please

buzzy110, Jan 13, 4:06am
Two ways to use/light the smoker. Place a layer of wood ships/sawdust into the tray and put the rack with the fish on top of that. Put on the cover/lid. It probably came with a metal frame type thing with two trays attached in the bottom on a cross member. Full those two trays up with meths. Light. Put the tray you have just put the fish into on top. When the meths runs out the fish should be done.

Others don't use the meths, they just put it on the BBQ. This makes the wood chips/sawdust smoke just as well. You'll have to check after 20mins to see if the fish is done. Obviously if there is still a lot of smoking going on then wait, until there isn't.

buzzy110, Jan 13, 4:13am
I am a keen catcher of fish and smoke this way a lot.

Personally the very best way to treat your fish for smoking is:

Bleed (yours probably is already bled but try it the way pickles told you in the other thread). We usually bleed in the boat when they are totally fresh and just landed.

Slice it open and salt. Put on masses of the stuff. Don't skimp. Close the fish back up and wrap in a few layers of newspaper (we do this at the beach when there is no refrigeration) and leave in a cool place overnight. You should use your fridge.

This brings out all the juices. In the morning most of the salt will have run off with the excess juices.

Sprinkle with brown sugar. Don't leave it to long. Just sprinkle and smoke. Leave the fish open, not closed.

Smoke as per instructions. You will be rewarded with the most juicy and succulent fish ever. If you miss out the salting or try to speed it up you will end up with a fish that could have been better - maybe a bit drier and definitely not as succulent or tender.

Warning - the sugar will run off during the smoking process and get all over the sawdust and burn just like sugar does when it is heated. Don't worry about it. That is fine, but it leaves your smoker in a right mess.

sumstyle, Jan 13, 4:14am
I have hot smoked fish on the stove top (as opposed to the bbq) using a roasting pan lined with tinfoil.Then the sugar with tea leaves/wood chips, a rack for the fish, fish placed skin side down.Fish has been soaking in water and brown sugar.

However, as buzzy said, you may have one that goes with meths.

pickles7, Jan 13, 4:40am
Yummm I have just prepared a nice fish, going to smoke it soon...brown sugar plain salt

shop-a-holic, Jan 13, 4:44am
I soak my wood chips for at least 4 hours beforehand. They need to be wet to make smoke and not catch fire!
Try soaking manuka chips in Stones Green Ginger Wine and smoke a spatchcock fresh chickens, or soak chips using beer and smoke sausages! Sensational!
Chicken takes around 2 trays of meths burn time, and sausages, around one meths burn. But try experimenting.

Your smoker will bring you loads of summer eating fun, and can be addictive. I have 3 food smokers :-)

buzzy110, Jan 13, 4:53am
What a fantastic idea. Saving this one for when I next go camping.

amazing_grace, Jan 28, 6:47am
Thanks everyone, I salted, then brown sugared.Lit meths underneath the burner, and manuka chips in the burner.About 20 mins later fish was done, and delicicous!@