Hoki fish......

kahnyae, Aug 17, 3:45am
Whats a yummy way to cook Hoki? Got some today but really have no idea what to do with it! Please help lol

dian2, Aug 17, 3:55am
last time i cooked hoki i crumbed & fried it & served with chips & a salad. . not very original, but yummmm :-)

ie, floured hoki pieces by shaking them in a bread bag with a bit of flour . . then dipped them in beaten egg, then rolled & pressed in breadcrumbs mixed with a bit of lemon zest, salt & ground pepper

obviousas, Feb 1, 6:54am
Very easy to break up. Doesn't have a lot of flavour. But has the nutrients of snapper and only a quarter of its price.

Cut fresh 1/2 kg of hoki into 3 inch pieces. Coat with corn flour, adding a pinch of pepper and salt. Poach or steam them for 5 or 6 minutes.

Eat with salad greens, fresh chillies and sesame oil.

Or poach the above chunks in Thai curry paste (Home Gourmet) or Red curry. Adding coconut cream into sauce to add flavour.

Eat with rice. .