What to do with hoki fish please???

smooth66, Sep 2, 4:15am
I have some hoki and cause it breaks up thought Icould do fish cakes??? Any suggestions please

wildflower, Sep 2, 4:51am
Were you planning on eating it whole? :)Doesn't really matter if it breaks up does it?I had it for tea last night, it's easy to tell when it's cooked through anyway!

dezzie, Sep 2, 5:31am
because it is so keen on breaking up, I actually cut it into big home made fish fingers basically, and handle it gently, it seems to work ok.

fee1965, Sep 2, 9:24am
Just chill it - almost to freezing point, this should make it easier to handle.We have this crumbed once a week, my family love it - really cheap meal when it's on special at $8.99kg

tich50, Sep 2, 9:30am

greerg, Feb 21, 9:12pm
It is also a great fish for fish pie as it flakes so well.