Not enough biscuit crumbs 4 cheesecake??

spaniels, Aug 21, 11:12pm
I read the recipe wrong and only got 1 pkt of choc biscuits for the base and need another half. What else could I add that would be ok.

spaniels, Aug 21, 11:20pm
Just googled and found lots of things I can add so I might try almonds.

dbab, Aug 21, 11:33pm
Do you have any plain biscuits that you could add? They would be fine.

pamellie, Aug 21, 11:37pm
One packet should be fine, your base will be a bit thinner that's all. Just adjust you butter, in general you need twice as many biscuits to butter, so for 200g of biscuits use 100g of butter. Or as said above add some plain biscuits to make it up.

dezzie, Aug 21, 11:50pm
lol I've bulked out biscuit crumbs with whizzed up cornflakes before, and it works fine

spaniels, Aug 22, 1:40am
I added almonds and it seemed fine. Thanks for the suggestions

wildflower, Feb 15, 10:16pm
Usually cheesecakes only need one packet of biscuits for the base. Is this a really large cheesecake?