Rice bubble biscuits,

dafly28, Feb 22, 1:36am
EASY recipie needed please... son off to camp tomorrow and we have to make something to send along, he want to make them himself after school, any help appreciated.

hezwez, Feb 22, 1:45am
110 gm butter, 85 gm sugar, 2 Tablespoons of honey and 5 cups ricies. Melt together the butter, sugar and honey, and cook on low boil for about 5 minutes, stirring all the time, until golden, then stir in the bubble cereal, press into flat tin and cut into squares while hot. Leave to cool.

dafly28, Feb 22, 2:19am
thanks alot hezwez, sounds yummy, how many would it make of average size, around 1 dozen?

valentino, Feb 22, 2:20am
Click onto the following link...

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=16&p=2

Post number 99 is a recipe for Choc rice crispies.

hezwez, Feb 22, 2:22am
At least :-)

angel404, Feb 22, 2:34am
is that the recipe that u can also put them into cupcake papers?

cookessentials, Feb 22, 2:43am
Mmmmm, I love rice bubble slice

valentino, Feb 22, 3:47am
One can if one wishes but you could be thinking of "Chocolate Crackles" where the recipe ust to be on the Kellogs Packet a few years ago which was made with Kremelta and cocoa with rice bubbles.

valentino, Feb 22, 3:52am
The latest version by Kelloggs using copha instead of kremelta (virtually same thing).

Kellogg's Chocolate Crackles.

4 cups Kellogg's® Rice Bubbles®
1 1/2 cups icing sugar
1 cup desiccated coconut
250g copha®*, chopped
3 tbsp cocoa

In a large bowl, mix the Kellogg's® Rice Bubbles®, icing sugar, cocoa & coconut.
Slowly melt the copha® in a saucepan over a low heat.
Allow to cool slightly.
Add to Rice Bubbles mixture, stirring until well combined.
Spoon mixture into paper patty cases and refrigerate until firm.


P. S. Note re coconut, never used coconut before, perhaps still one could have this as optional. (edited after posting recipe).

dafly28, Feb 22, 4:05am
170 gm sugar is how many cups please?

hezwez, Feb 22, 4:17am
On my measure, nearly a cup full. Came to the 200ml measure. (And a full cup is 250ml)

valentino, Feb 22, 4:20am
A very minute fraction short of a level 3/4 cup on a 250g-cup scale, very similar to mil measure.

Oh, by the way, Warehouse had or have a 4 day special on wiltshire kitchen stuff, electronic scales starts at $16. 95 less 40%, one purchased the next size up, has 5 year warranty, still have my old outdated one though. Suggest to buy one, best to measure as originally noted and no guess work.


angel404, Feb 22, 8:34am
what is kremelta or copha? is it some sort of chocolate?

alebix, Feb 22, 12:01pm
Its vegetable fat/oil in solid form...

Excellent for making chocolate crackles, white xmas and adding to choc for making it stretch that bit further.
It will be in a margarine shaped container down the same aisel as the cooking oils etc (well in most supermarkets it maybe)

angel404, Aug 30, 7:00pm
ok cheers!

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