Rice bubble cake

esawers, Sep 19, 7:52am
i made rice bubble cake tonight and it didn't stick together... what did i do wrong?

used this recipe
125gr butter,
125gr sugar,
2tbsps golden syrup.

Boil gently for 5 mins, add 5 cups rice bubbles.
Press into a sponge roll tin. Cut while warm

esawers, Sep 19, 7:52am
i'm not much of a baker either, but this looked so easy :)
followed the measurements exactly, and boiled for 5 minutes
it tastes great! but is more like tasty rice bubbles without the cake

molly37, Mar 31, 5:47pm
I made this yesterday and now its all gone!!

125g Butter
125g Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons Honey - i used manuka
5 cups Rice Bubbles

Melt, then simmer together for approx 3 minutes till pale and toffee like.

Pour over the Rice Bubbles and mix well till combines.

Place in a Lined Sponge Roll Tin.(this is because I have found it stuck to the teflon and pulled it off!)
Press down with the back of a spoon.
Cut when warm. Refrigerate.