Is rice bubble slice suppose

uber.noob, Jul 5, 9:55am
to be crunchy? Have just made it and it wasnt easy to cut either and when I did make a cut pieces just broke away from itself. Is that what's meant to happen?

elliehen, Jul 5, 10:02am
Haven't made this one myself, but the crunchy slices I do make need to be cut while still hot or warm.

bowiefamily, Jul 5, 10:10am
Try boiling the honey mixture for a bit less time, and cut while still warm. It is still yummy even when it is hard tho! And it does get softer if it lasts longer in cupboard for more than a day or so!

cookessentials, Jul 5, 10:16am
From memory it is slightly chewy.

susieq9, Jul 5, 9:34pm
A good idea is to keep it in the fridge once made.

svx1, Jul 6, 12:43pm
Hi there this recipe is fabulous Rice Bubble Slice
|8 min | 5 min prep

4 cups rice bubbles
1/2 cup coconut
125 g butter
3 tablespoons honey
1/2 cup brown sugar
Boil sugar, honey & butter for 3 minutes.
In large bowl mix into other ingredients combining well.
Press mixture evenly into slice tin.
Cut while warm.

crystalmoon, Oct 4, 5:06pm
it can get crunchy once cold, you can also put it into cup cake cases while warm and then you dont need to cut. Kind of like a white choc crackle. good luck.