Jelly Lamingtons

mike547, Aug 13, 10:29pm
when making them do you only use half the amount of water in the jelly or the full amount, thank you

pickles7, Aug 13, 10:34pm
Raspberry dip. . melt two pkt of raspberry jelly in 2 cups of boiling water*** set***melt over hot water. Dip frozen sponge squares into jelly, toss in coconut, set on rack to dry. enjoy
setting the jelly, then melting it, gives a better colour. .

mike547, Aug 13, 10:37pm
thankyou, my Mum used to always make them for my kids, all grown up now, so thought I would make some but couldn't remember about the water. Can't phone Mum in heaven, wish I could though.

momma1, Aug 14, 9:48am
i used to make them for my kids birthday parties, in jelly flavours not just raspberry but lime, blueberry, orange etc

karenbnz, Aug 14, 10:08am
How do you make the chocolate ones?

momma1, Aug 14, 10:36pm
its basically a runny icing and i use the edmonds recipe

princelee, Jan 25, 3:43pm
whats the best rasberry jelly to use?