Choc Chippie Log

sniper03, Aug 13, 1:26am
Is it best to make this a few hours before or just before serving? Cheers!

esdott, Aug 13, 1:29am
if your talking about the bikkie and cream log, do it a few hours prior to serving as it gives the bikkies time to soften

aqua7, Aug 13, 1:30am
And lets the sherry sink in...

sniper03, Aug 13, 1:30am
Cheers esdotia, thats that one i meant sounds so good, ! :)

esdott, Aug 13, 1:33am
sherry? ?
mine just use biscuits, milk and cream

aqua7, Aug 13, 1:37am
My mum always pours sherry over the log before covering it with cream - so so good

esdott, Aug 13, 1:39am
sounds good, but i only make mine for special occasions, normal kids party. So, i don't think it would be a wise decision to give it to a bunch of kids, lol.

deviant7, Aug 13, 1:39am
I made a delicous one for Xmas and i soaked the bikkies in Frangelico lol it was so good

fey, Aug 13, 2:20am
I have made it with a huge number of varieties... . used gingernuts and orange liquor once, that was amazing.

korbo, Aug 13, 8:51pm
couldyou use red wine. i ask as i open a bottle of red wine, then sometimes forget to drink it the next night. not a big drinker. just cant remember how you make it... can someone explain lightly please

horizons_, Aug 13, 10:06pm
Buy cream and bikkiies (gingernuts or choc chip). Dip each biscuit in juice or cherry (or other liquid as mentioned above) for about 30 secs. Gently shake off excess juice. Arrange as you go into a log shape with a layer of cream spread on one side - should look like layers - bisc. , cream. bisc. Cover the log all over with remaining cream and refrigerate for several hours. Gingernuts are a harder biscuit and need longer to soften. Enjoy.

sniper03, Aug 13, 11:17pm
Thanks everyone! Made it yesterday and it was a big hit! think it will be a regular now :)

theanimal1, Aug 14, 12:42am
Creamy Chocolate Chippie Loop

A delicious creamy dessert that is sure to be a favourite for the whole family


1 x twin pack of Griffins Cookie Bear Chocolate Chippie biscuits

1 x bottle of 1. 5 ltr lemonade

1 x 600 ml cream (whipped with 1 teaspoon of Icing Sugar)

1 x block of Cadbury Dark Chocolate crushed


Pour lemonade into a bowl and dip in Chocolate Chippie biscuits. Place each biscuit beside each other in a circle with whipped cream between the biscuits to hold them together.

Once a circle is complete cover the dessert with whipped cream and sprinkle with crushed chocolate.

Chill for 30 mins and then serve.

You can make the circle as large or small as desired.

aqua7, Aug 14, 12:45am
I don't know if red wine would work, to be honest, but give i a go and report back!

horizons_, Aug 14, 12:51am
Gingernuts dunked in pineapple juice etc etc then use the pineapple to decorate instead of chocolate would be good too.

alebix, Jan 22, 9:17pm
Choc chippies and kahlua are really lovely.