Pink sugar mice

loopydog, Aug 4, 8:03am
Hi all, is it possible to get pink sugar mice in NZ (pref. Wellington)?
Thanks, Jenny

kiwitrish, Aug 4, 9:08pm
I remember them. We use to have them as kids. Haven't seen any but here is a link to making them. php

kob, Aug 4, 9:25pm
check out the they have them on a stick

loopydog, Aug 5, 7:02am
thanks guys. I've been reading my 4yo a book about sugar mice and she desperately wants to try one!

retired, Aug 5, 7:13am
SUGAR MICE the only difficult bit is separating the whites of the eggs! 2 Egg whites, 400g (1 lb) icing sugar, peppermint essence, silver balls, thin liquorice strips. Beat egg whites until stiff. Sieve icing sugar into egg whites and add a few drops of essence. Mix well together with wooden spoon. Form into mouse shapes, Stick silver balls for eyes and thin liquorice for the tails.

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