All Black Themed Food Ideas

meleh, Jul 30, 8:25am
Next week being the All Blacks playing here I need some ideas to take a plate of food with a Black or White theme.

charli08, Jul 30, 8:32am
Oreo cheesecake, black and white cupcakes, green grass cupcakes with little blacks rugby balls and silver ferns painted on them.

52many, Jul 30, 8:35am
a full size rectangular cake decorated like a rugby field? Weetbix slice... . Homemade ice-cream using black and white lollies?

meleh, Jul 30, 8:50am
they sound great someone is making rocky road using white chocolate and licorice

elliehen, Jul 30, 8:53am
There is/was a recipe for 'dominoes' on the Cadbury cocoa packet - dark chocolate brownie-type rectangles with white icing dots.

meleh, Jul 30, 10:25am
how do i make black icing

waswoods, Jul 30, 10:26am
You can buy black icing colouring

winnie231, Jul 30, 10:34am
Dark & white choc lamingtons

meleh, Dec 11, 1:04pm
thinking of making a cake the shape of a rugby ball