Finger food ideas please!

sherrie, May 24, 11:13am
I would love you to share with me your finger food ideas thanks! Its for a function in the evening. Its dinner but all done in finger food size. Thanks!

fiorucci, May 24, 7:04pm
Blini's with cream cheese and smoked salmon on top decorated with a little bit of parsley orherb that suits. This is my usual contribution to finger food and always disappears quickly.

sherrie, May 24, 7:30pm
Thanks for that fiorucci! Sounds g8!

ruby19, May 24, 7:48pm
Mini onion bahjees, and samosas and even spring rolls served with a yogurt mint sauce & a chilli sauce, even add the mini pappadoms to the platter. Mini corn fritters, jazz them up and make them Mexican by adding coriandercumin & chili sauce, again serve with a dipping sauceCreamy mushroom bruschettatopped with a liitle parmesan, or add a little blue cheese to the creamy mushroom mixture. Sushi.

auntlb, May 24, 7:58pm
Mini pizzas, french bread sliced and topped with cream cheese and salmon or roast beef and pesto, breads and oil+dukka, chicken nibbles, rice paper rolls + dipping sauce, blini with toppings, baked asparaggus rolls (make as usual and then top with cheese put in hot oven until golden and crispy), sushi, baked potato slices topped with a mixture of sour cream and bacon

sherrie, May 25, 9:08am
They all sound really yummy! Thanks for your help! Please keep them coming as I need alot of variety!

poolgirl6, May 25, 9:12am
Apricot balls, savoury mini muffins, ie pesto and pinenuts, mini toms stuffed with ricotta, pickled mushrooms, salmon mouse, all can be prepared ahead of time.

donnas1, May 26, 12:15am
There are some good finger food recipe cookbooks at the library, with some great ideas, but here is one that is really popular, little tiny meatballs made with beef mince onion and a mixture of cumin, coriander, and all those sort of spices and then cook them in a pan. You can also cook these ahead of time and reheat in microwave, then make a dip to dip them in, with a punnet of sour cream, 2 Tbsp runny honey and the same amount of spice that you put in the meatballs, they are divine. I used to use Burbere Spice but they are not making it anymore.

sherrie, May 26, 4:59am
They all soound really good thanks everyone!

macwood2, Jun 9, 10:41am
Can you be specific with the meatballs recipe please. It looks really good but I need exact measurements.