Can you combine coconut milk and tinned tomato?

marielize1, Jul 30, 5:08am
Or does it make for a poor combination in soup?

noonesgirl, Jul 30, 5:47am
what flavour is the soup going to be?

marielize1, Jul 30, 5:50am
Tomato soup, just want to add a bit of body and calories.

uli, Jul 30, 5:51am
Yep - why not?
I have made a laksa recipe with tinned tomato and coconut cream - go for it :)

deus701, Jul 30, 5:53am
add a block of butter too

marielize1, Jul 30, 6:28am
Thanks guys, I decided to add three marrow bones, broccoli and bacon! Lovely and rich. One cup for dinner filled me.

uli, Dec 11, 6:42am
ohhh *envy* on the marrow bones ... will have to talk to those mad butchers tomorrow ... none left in my freezer ...