Egg-free nut-free yummy 'international' starter...

sweetpea01, Jul 28, 8:09am
recipe needed pretty please for a mid-winter Christmas Dinner on Saturday night - can anyone help? ? ?

nfh1, Jul 28, 8:14am
Hot or cold?


Some kind of salad - Seared Tuna?

Depends what else you are having really.

sweetpea01, Jul 28, 8:18am
Thanks for your very prompt reply nfh1! ! Wondering about soup... . . everyone bringing a 'course' to contribute so unsure exactly what we're having - but there will be ham, veges and some other meat... . so thinking either soup or some little yummy-things I can plate up

nfh1, Dec 5, 4:58pm
yes I would go for soup - easy to carry and dish up! Especially for a cold night.