Mushroom cooking advice pls

aphra1, Jul 23, 5:06am
I'm making "burgers" using large, flat mushrooms as the "bun". What do you think would be the best method to cook them so they keep their shape pls? My first thought were spray with oil and bake a few mins but I have no spray. TIA

lynja, Jul 23, 5:16am
just bake in the oven with some oil underneath them to stop them burning/drying out on the bottom. i like making pizzas using the mushrooms as the base and always do them this way

fisher, Jul 23, 5:18am
Remove the stalks (just twist) and add a pinch or two of masterfoods onion salt. . pour over some olive oil into the middle coating ALL of the interior of the mushroom and put under grill. . The mushrooms will cook from the inside out with the bubbling olive oil. . Just pour out any extra olive oil and then make your burgers. .
sounds scrummy... . . hmmmm

aphra1, Jul 23, 5:35am
Thanks a lot! Probably opt for the grill option so I don't have to turn on the oven. mmmm

fisher, Nov 21, 5:51pm
aphra1. I do a lot of LARGE and button mushrooms this way as a side dish for meals. . but your idea as using them as "buns" is great... ! ! ! !
we are both trying to reduce our bread intake (read: not give up completely) and a can see me now doing this as a "eat ALL burger" with a homemade mince patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, spring onion, and pre fried bacon pieces in between... and a yummy sauce ...
Sounds real scrummy... Thanks for the idea...