Sliced bread stick, salami, cream cheese and ?????

dunnall, Jul 22, 5:31am
What else could I put on top please. Thanks

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 5:37am
gerkin, dill, sun dried tomato's

pickles7, Jul 22, 5:42am
A Virgin , Olive oil. drizzled over the top.

socram, Jul 22, 7:30am
Another vote here for gherkin - or maybe pickled onion? Pickled capsicum? For my tastes, needs the sharpness of something vinegary.

crystalmoon, Jul 22, 10:09am
maybe a nice tangy homemade onion marmalade, or some pesto.

buzzy110, Nov 20, 1:07pm
Relish or chutney