1/2 tin of condensed milk left .....

bellaclare, Jul 17, 5:09am
made lollie cake this arvo and 1/2 a tin left, any ideas please or yummy recipe to use it up ... ... ...

lilyfield, Jul 17, 5:11am
freeze it, till next temptation

bedazzledjewels, Jul 17, 5:12am
Eat it or chuck it out!

buzzy110, Jul 17, 5:13am
Homemade Bounty Bars: (Care of nauru)

1 cup coconut, 2 tbls. icing sugar, condensed milk as needed, 200g chocolate dark or milk. Mix together icing sugar, coconut and enough milk to need to a paste. Shape into pieces and chill for 15 mins. Dip in melted chocolate and leave to set.

nauru (94 )7:03 pm, Sat 14 Nov #1

buzzy110, Jul 17, 5:14am
Otherwise you can use the search function. There are plenty of threads on condensed milk

cjm-qbe, Jul 17, 5:17am
it screams Caramel/butterscotch/toffee sauce drizzled over icecream! ! !

noonesgirl, Jul 17, 6:32am
Put remainder in a bowl, add tsp vanilla essence, sultanas (opt) & enough coconut to make a stiff mixture. Drop in spoonfuls on cold tray &bake approx 10 - 15 mins @ 160

540trickzter, Jul 17, 6:35am
Put some in a mug with some boiling water and drink it... Or Make some toast or sandwiches with it...

bellaclare, Jul 17, 10:06am
thanks every1 for ur help ... ... . .

shellbell13, Jul 17, 11:14am
Freeze it and make this.
Melt 80g butter, and ½ tin condensed milk. Add 1 pkt crushed biscuits, ½ cup coconut. Put inshallow tin and cool. Can add some cocoa.

bellaclare, Nov 6, 12:51am
yummyyyyyyyyyy shellbell ... ... . think il make that tomorrow ... mmmmm ... ... .