Pasta in Soup - Cook First?

nfh1, Jul 15, 6:19am
Only me for dinner tonight so being lazy - fancy soup and thought I would throw some pasta in - should I cook it first or just pop it in with the soup and heat them both together? ? Thanks.

martine5, Jul 15, 6:47am
given your pasta will take some time I would cook it separately unless your soup can handle bubbling away for the time it takes to cook the pasta

nfh1, Jul 15, 7:12am
Of course - I did not think of that - pasta bubbling away as I type!

Many thanks

cookessentials, Jul 15, 7:30am
When I do my ham hock and vege soup, I add the pasta in the last 30-40 mins when it is gently simmerinng in the crock pot.

rua69, Jul 15, 7:43am
Ditto, I add it all hard and raw to minestrone, comes out fine after 20 or so minutes.

nfh1, Jul 15, 7:55am
I cooked it for 5 minutes and then heated it up with the soup but I have a confession to make -

I did not make the soup! It was one of those fresh ones in a plastic pouch by Kaweka and it was lovely. I had a huge dish full!

Next time I make my own I will add it raw and see how I get on.

Many thanks for all your help.

softlysoftly8, Jul 15, 10:58am
I always just add raw vermecilli (broken into about inch pieces) while the vegetable soup is cooking. Be careful that it does not catch on the bottom of the pot though ! ! Stir often. Cheers... ... . .

rebekahj, Jul 15, 11:15am
mmmm pasta in soup - my favourite

stormbaby, Jul 15, 11:22am
Ditto, that's what my Mum used to use.

karenz, Jul 16, 6:35am
I find that if you don't eat all of the soup on the same day the pasta goes flabby, for this reason if I am going to heat it up I add the cooked pasta just before serving.

kabbo, Jul 16, 6:43am
nothing wrong with that, can get some lovely soups in those pouches. havent bought any for ages, but think i just might tomorrow when i go shopping. thanks. ;-)

nfh1, Nov 1, 6:11am
The Kaweka one was the best one I have tried - really lovely. I had the Thai Pumpkin.

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