Fruit with lemon pud

highfences, Jul 8, 10:28pm
What fruit would go with lemon self saucing pudding

harrislucinda, Jul 8, 10:32pm
i wouldtryslicedpeachesorbananaashasaverymildtasteforexamplepineapplewouldbetoo strong

cookessentials, Jul 8, 10:37pm
or apples.

pickles7, Jul 8, 11:43pm
No fruit. Don't complicate a perfectly delicious dessert.
Serve fruit as an alternative, to lemon self saucing pudding.
Why not offer fresh fruit.

..pip.., Jul 8, 11:58pm

fifie, Oct 11, 12:58pm
I'm with #4, offer fresh fruit, or apples. .