Looking for real 'NZ' recipes ...

mumndads_folly, Jun 27, 8:14am
I am after a real kiwi meal/baking/drink etc recipe! I am making a wedding recipe book for a close friend who lives overseas. So far we are getting recipes from all over the world and the only thing I can think of is a pavalova, what else could I use to add a bit of kiwi to the album? I have hit a real blank! ! TIA:)

bumblebee13, Jun 27, 8:19am
maybe anzac biscuits

juliewn, Jun 27, 8:21am
Southland cheese rolls (a search on the left of your screen with the 'last 24 hours' changed to 'anytime' will bring up the threads with recipes for them), Bacon and egg pie, Cream Sponge, Kiwifruit recipes - jam, jelly, chutney, relish, etc. . Lamingtons, Custard squares, Marshmallow shortcake, Louise cake, Afghans, Peanut Brownies, Anzac biscuits, Apple crumble, Roast lamb and trimmings, Shepherd's Pie, Pumpkin soup, Smoked fish pie... .

Some of these may be made elsewhere? ?

bumblebee13, Jun 27, 8:22am
and cheese rolls

juliewn, Jun 27, 8:23am
Snap Bumblebee. . two Kiwi classics!

mumndads_folly, Jun 27, 8:26am
Yes, anzac biscuits ... thanks for that:)

southerngurl, Jun 27, 8:31am
i dunno if its a NZ thing, but my mum used to make the best grasshopper pie. .

elliehen, Jun 27, 9:07am
Read through an older edition of the Edmonds Cookbook?

cookessentials, Jun 27, 9:13am
Roast lamb, rewana bread, lamingtons, pikelets, ginger gems

simon.l, Jun 27, 9:15am
Trifle, bread and butter pudding and apple crumble?

noonesgirl, Jun 27, 9:26am
Honey or Golden Syrup Slice

125gr butter
125gr sugar
2TBSPs honey or golden syrup

Boil gently 5 mins. Remove from heat & add 4c rice bubbles. Press into a sponge roll tin, cut while warm.

noonesgirl, Jun 27, 9:41am
Macaroni cheese
Curried Sausages
Tomato Sauce

indy95, Jun 28, 12:14am
What about Hokey Pokey biscuits and Afghans ?

napierexpat, Jun 28, 12:58am
The following I think are more typically Kiwi foods than some listed above. A lot of foods listed above are well loved and prepared foods in NZ but originate quite strongly from other countries. Trifles (English), crumbles (English), Lamingtons (Australian), Shepherds Pie (most definately English), Sponge (originated in Europe), Lamb (worldwide). These don't mean that these recipes aren't used a lot in NZ but they are equally used and originate from all over the world - so not really seen and thought of quintessentially kiwi.

The following I think are more typically Kiwi foods than some listed above.

•Kumara Soup
•Seafood Chowder
•Maori Breads
•Cervena Ragout
•Rabbit Pie
•Colonial Goose
•Mutton Ham
•Braised Lamb Shanks
•Fish Cakes 'Tutoro'
•Kumara Salad
•Afghan biscuits

ANZAC Biscuits shared in history, importance and belonging with Australian and New Zealand so can be used by both countries equally - so I would use in a kiwi cook book.

mumndads_folly, Jun 28, 4:27am
Thank you girls :)
She is going to marry an Australian so Anzac biscuits would be perfect. For the wedding we are baking cookies and cutting them into kiwi and kangaroo shapes for the guests! ! She has a lot of friends all over the world (and me here in NZ) so we are getting a good range of recipies. As I am creating the book I'll fill it up and use a lot of your suggestions ... thank you :)

daryl37, Jun 28, 6:18am
um that fudge with crushed super wine biscuits, bubble log, asparagus rolls, bacon and egg pie,

poppy62, Jun 28, 6:51am
Lemon Merengue Pie made with condensed milk - its really yummy.

karenz, Jun 28, 7:01am
Recipes incorporating kiwifruit, feijoas and tamarillos maybe? Hokey pokey icecream. Mussell fritters, paua fritters, crockpot and/or oven hangi. Kumera croquettes.

cookessentials, Jun 28, 8:27am
http://www.maori-in-oz.com/index. php? option=com_content&
task=section&id=9&Itemid=75 You might find some goodies here.

jellabie, Jun 28, 8:39am
I think it doesn't matter if the food doesn't originate from here - its the food that we are familiar with that matters - the ones that conjure upmemories. .