Jelly - how do you get out of bowl?

norja, Jun 19, 7:07am
how do you get those jelly mountains? - what is the trick? how do you tip it out of the bowl when its set?
Also is there a trick to putting fruitsalad in it?
help! ! ! ! !

margyr, Jun 19, 7:09am
when set put the bowl in some hot water for a little bit, then put a plate on top of the bowl and tip it upside down.

jessie981, Jun 19, 7:11am
only help I can give is wait till jelly sets a bit before adding fruit. if you put it in straight away it sinks to the bottom

margyr, Aug 18, 2:10pm
you can buy cold water jelly and they set really firm very quickly, when i was doing school lunches we used it and put the fruit between the layers. made different coloured layers.