Kitchen Knives

rebert62, Jan 20, 5:50am
Can anyone recommend a good brand of kitchen knives. The man at the kitchen store in the city advised that the scanpan knives are as good as the german knives as they are made of german steel. They are much cheaper than the more expensive german brands.
I want to get some good knives but am reluctant to pay heaps of money if they are not as good as they are made out to be. Thought you all may be able to give some tried and true advice. Cheers.

davidt4, Jan 20, 6:22am
Global knives are wonderful. I have used all sorts over the years, from cheap Japanese through to super-expensive German, and Global are by far the best. They are very reasonably priced in NZ.

mbos, Jan 20, 6:26am
Wusthef Trident are good.

kirinesha, Jan 20, 6:41am
Global are my recommendation too. Just fabulous... . .

duckmoon, Jan 20, 7:24am
I use victorinox - made by the same company as Swiss army knives.

rebert62, Jan 20, 7:55am
This now gives me lots of other choices, many thanks to you all. Cheers, Rob.

bananna15, Jul 14, 5:41pm
the difference between scanpan and zwilling knives is scanpan are made in china and zwilling are made in germany. Also Scanpan knives have a 10yr warranty on them and zwilling are a lifetime warranty worldwide.

I have Scanpan and i love them so much! if you were going to get them i would get the 9pc knife block and even though it comes with a diamond steel i recommend getting the bench top sharpener (it sits on the bench or in the drawer and you drag your knife through the sharpening wheels)

With zwilling you do get what you pay for though, so depending on wether you like a heavy or a light knife, zwilling have them all. knives nee to be held to see which feels the best.

Arcos are also a good brand and are started in germany then finished in spain.

good luck!

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