Apricot nectar where can l get it?

griffo4, Jun 16, 7:44am
Does anyone know where we can get this for a recipe my hubby wants to make please?

meescha, Jun 16, 7:55am
Try New World , I have seen it in Matamata with all the fruit juices etc.

akl439, Jun 16, 8:09am
Sometimes see it in the juice section of the supermarket, but not very often. Just buy a tin of apricots in juice and whizz them up in the blender, hey presto apricot nectar.

schnaby, Jun 16, 8:21am
Pak n save and also new world in hamilton do it. . golden circle i think

wron, Jun 16, 10:08am
P and S in Henderson too - with juices.

cjade, Jun 16, 10:44am
I have seen it in all the countdowns I have been in. I use it for smoothies so I get it a lot. Countdown should have it. Just with the fruit juices. Golden Circle brand sold in 1 liter bottles

griffo4, Jun 17, 2:00am
Thank you for your responses l will look when l go to Whangarei next week

rss9, Jun 17, 6:19am
I buy it from chinese food markets

cookessentials, Jun 17, 7:03am
Most supermarkets have it under the "Golden Circle" brand

beaumonde, Jun 17, 12:12pm
Benger has a gorgeous one, very addictive!
Central Otago Apricots

nnobby10, Jun 17, 7:26pm
Have blended a tin of apricots. . when unable to find the nectar. Tasted no different.

griffo4, Jun 17, 9:11pm
OOOO yum Central Otago apricots sounds really nice
thanks l will have a look in our local store today and if not will wait till next week

griffo4, Aug 15, 7:40pm
l found it at the local supermarket now hubby just needs to find the recipe again, lol