Cupcake/muffin cases sticking - help

..smashpalace.., Jun 15, 11:57pm
Is there a trick to stop muffins sticking to their cases? Is my oven too hot? in there for too long? do I need to spray the cases (they are simple paper supermarket ones). Any advice would be great ta :)

michelle313, Jun 16, 12:11am
What kind of recipe is it? I found if it was a fat-free recipe they stuck like crazy. However, I have found that once they sit a day in they covered container for some reason the paper peels off just fine.

bunny51, Jun 16, 1:45am
i spaay my cupcake and muffin liners and that stops them sticking. Sso I have found some brands stick more than others

pickles7, Jun 16, 1:58am
turn the temp up a bit

oopie, Jun 16, 3:26am
I spray them too.

fisher, Jun 16, 4:44am
na. . dont turn the temp up... just spray them...

..smashpalace.., Jun 16, 8:26am
Thanks guys - will try this tomorrow... .

cookessentials, 4 days, 2 hours
Alot of the supermarket papers are not great quality. You can buy papers made from Italian Candor slip paper which is a waxy type paper and they peel so easily.

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