Craving watties tomatoe soup, - its beaut!

vintagekitty, Jun 15, 9:11am
I have been craving it, havent had it in years, anyway bought a can and added diced feta, - fab!

jessie981, Jun 15, 9:16am
Get the Cream of Tomato & when heated add heaps of sliced cheese, cheese melts & goes runny. I buy the Soup for one for work.

cookessentials, Jun 15, 9:39am
Funny you say that, I bought a can tonight as we had not had it in years either! I will keep it for a wet weekend.

vintagekitty, Jun 15, 9:56am
I know! , I was just thinking about it dreaming my way around the supermarket and got some, gosh it was a blast from the past, and quite nice with the feta cubes and a side of buttered toast!

vintagekitty, Jun 15, 9:57am
too bad about the typo in the heading though!

schnaby, Jun 15, 10:09am
Yum, i add macaroni or pene to mine and a lil parmesan MMMMMMMMMM

birdie211, Jun 16, 1:28am
yep yum, i add cooked diced onion bacon tin of water and a tin of diced tomatoes and whole garlic cloves, and then eat with cheese rolls yum yum yum

cookessentials, Jun 16, 2:43am
yes, toes in your soup would not taste so good LOL

vintagekitty, Jun 16, 4:55am
hahaha, would keep them warm in icy otago!

alewis, Jun 16, 7:57am
Used to me my fav as well, that lovely rich taste and warms all the way down ... . but I would have english marmite and chippie sandwich or a cheese and marmite toasted sammy to go with the soup (can one tell Im english at heart! ! )

caveweta, Jun 16, 8:07am
What can be better than Watties tomato Soup and hot buttered crumpets, yum! !

elliehen, Aug 11, 1:54pm
A quick on-the-go-at-work soup fix is a packet of Thai Red Curry soup for one with a small tin of Chilli Tuna added - instant, hot, spicy, filling and warming :)

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