Jumbo Cupcake Baking Tin

lucy-and-ricky, Jun 12, 6:52am
Catch of the Day have them for $9. 95 I cant wait until it arrives, it will be fabulous for my daughters next birthday cake! The price was too good to pass up I have been wanting one for a while but have only seen the $60 Wilton one. They only have a few left, so be quick!

cookessentials, Jun 12, 7:16am
dont like silicone bakeware. You will find the Wilton one is a non stick metal tin, hence the price.

macac, Jun 12, 7:22am
Thanks. Just broughtone!

nichola_h, Jun 12, 7:25am
Thanks, me too! I'm not so fond of silicone because you have to put it on a try and stuff, but being silicone is should come out easier than the Wilton one, and not having the top and bottom on the same pan looks better.

lucy-and-ricky, Jul 28, 4:47pm
I have only ever used silicone muffin trays, I found them easy to work with and no problems. But have never used silicone cake pans, so this will be a first.