**Help**Edmonds Custard Powder

kane199, Jun 6, 7:49am
hey guys partner threw away the box and i was just wanting to know if any of you have the directions so i can make some to go with my cake thanks in advance :)

kaysu, Jun 6, 7:54am
I guess. Put milk in saucepan with dsp sugar & bring to boil, add 1TBSP custard powder mixed with a little cold milk, add & bring back to boil. Adjust accordingly if too thickor too thin. Sorry I can't help more with measurements.

kane199, Jun 6, 7:55am
thats okay thanks heaps though will try that now :)

juliewn, Jun 6, 12:28pm
Hi. . use the same ingredients as in post #2. . place everything in a microwave proof bowl and whisk all together. . zap for 2 minutes on high, whisk again, then zap for 1 minute at a time, whisking well each time. . until thickened when whisked. . this makes beautiful creamy custard without any risk of it burning on. .

245sam, Jul 13, 12:12am
kane199, here's the quantities as shown on the Edmonds Custard Powder packet in May 2009

2 tbsp custard powder
1 tbsp sugar
2 cups milk

Like juliewn [ Hi Julie! :-)) ] I also prefer to cook the custard in the microwave, stirring it every minute or so until the custard has boiled and thickened. :-))