A Question for Coffee Connoisseurs

indy95, Jun 2, 1:17am
What is your favourite coffee and why is it your favourite ?

cookessentials, Jun 2, 1:22am
as in brand or type?

indy95, Jun 2, 1:31am
Well, let's say both. I don't whether its my tastebuds or what the reason is, but I can't seem to find a coffee I really like. The best one I have had recently has come from one of the kerbside coffee carts which seem to be springing up everywhere. What do they put in their coffee ?

cookessentials, Jun 2, 2:46am
I like "Screaming Turtle" we have an espresso machine with an internal grinder, so we buy the beans in "Scream" - husband likes "Jolt" which is a far blacker, oilier bean and he drinks long black whereas, i enjoy a flat white. I sometimes do like a Vienna as i love the layer of cream. DH sometimes will have a macchiato if we are out for dinner-they are just way to strong for me.

indy95, Jun 2, 5:01am
The most recent brand I have tried is " Screaming Turtle " ( who on earth comes up with these names ? ) and it didn't appeal at all. I don't like a very strong coffee but do want some flavour and most of them just seem " muddy " and quite bitter to me.

cookessentials, Jun 2, 5:40am
which one in the range did you try? as "jolt" is very strong. The "scream" is lovely.

rainrain1, Jun 2, 5:43am
Maccona haft mere mmmmm

indy95, Jun 2, 5:56am
I can't remember which one it was except that it definitely wasn't "jolt".

cookessentials, Jun 2, 8:18am
As we only buy beans, the scream and the jolt are the only two in the beans. They do some other ones in the ground, but not sure what they are called. We also buy the one kilo bags from Moore Wilson and get the Robert Harris Blue Mountain. We also get a nice one which is roasted and grown here in the Wairarapa.

waswoods, Jun 2, 9:47am
Supreme Brazil is what we get - smooth and creamy

malcovy, Jun 2, 7:13pm
I trained as a Barista and the beans we used were Atomic which I love. Now at home I use Signature Range beans from Countdown and grind them myself. I love the taste and the price of them is the best of all. I read in a comsumer mag that SR were good so tried them and I still use them. I personally do not like Robert Harris, it belongs in the bin.

greerg, Jun 2, 8:59pm
We find SR good too but Vivace beans remain the favourite here.

scoutess, Jun 2, 9:12pm
Does anyone know the Screaming Turtle types and what they are?
Ie ... Which one is expresso? . . I dont understand the kooky names but I like the brand. And I cant find the translation of the kooky names.

battellwallace, Jun 3, 2:50am
Mojo coffee is amazing. i buy plunger now (as no espresso machine, sadly) but i used to get whole beans.

mvr, Jun 3, 7:04am
Karajoz! We buy 1kg bags of beans of their Barista blend from their website, it is the BEST coffee, strong but smooth, almost chocolately. You can buy smaller bags in most supermarkets, but its the barista blend that is the one for me:)

shazzy67, Jul 3, 12:16pm
Tiger Mountain coffee - ground in Kaeo, Northland, is the best, in my opinion.

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