Need some advice Choc/ Apricot cake.

psychicxpress, May 31, 11:42pm
Many years ago, I was taken with a cake a lady I knew made.
It was chocolate and apricot.
I know that she would soak a cup of dried apricots overnight and then put them through the blender... Has anyone heard of this recipe (or similar) before?
I've been through google and haven't found anything like it.

cookessentials, May 31, 11:51pm
I do have a recipe for a chocolate apricot cake, however, i think it has choc chips in it from memory.

cookessentials, Jun 1, 12:00am
what about this one?

psychicxpress, Jun 1, 12:29am
Brilliant cookessentials... I am absolutely wrapped with the link you provided. It IS the recipe (minus the ganache)... She used a cream cheese icing instead.

Now that, I can do =)
Many thanks.

cookessentials, Jun 25, 7:44am
whacko-glad it it what you were after! was a bit of a stab in the dark on my part, but glad it's what you are after.

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