Maggi leek and potato soup mix - where's it gone??

kabbo, May 31, 6:09am
I used to use this to make a delish irish stew. but i can't find it anymore at the supermarkets. i suppose it has been discontinued.
anyone seen it lately on the shelves.

glendhu, May 31, 8:09am
Thepea and ham packet soup has also been discontinued. I rang Maggi after I couldn't find it in any supermarket and was told that they no longer make it. They said it was because they weren't selling enough of it.

kcak, May 31, 8:27pm
It annoys me that many of the good Maggi products are being discontinued - bacon stock, mushroom stock, and various soups. I, for one, used them all the time.

donnabeth, May 31, 8:45pm
Leek and potato and pea and ham were the ones I bought all the time. They were also the ones that I had to search for, so maybe it was lack of supply rather than lack of demand that limited sales. Soon the only flavours we'll have will be onion and chicken.

akl439, May 31, 11:02pm
New World, Brookfield have it, so they must still be making it.

wineo, Jun 24, 9:50pm
Maggi informed me when I rung the 0800 no that they have also stopped making Satay Sauce. I have luckily had friends scout around in wgton and find some, maybe you could do that also

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