Pork steaks

linda125, May 31, 3:26am
any ideas? I am totally stuck and dinner time is fast approaching!

linda125, May 31, 3:42am
I have pork steaks cut the thickness of chops but not sure what to do with them. Will they be tender just grilled or do they need more careful treatment?

fisher, May 31, 4:11am
I have pork loin chops ready for dinner...
Poured some worcestishire sauce to cover and grate a good coating of ginger over the top. . grind of black pepper, salt and then some sage. .
Mine are ready to grill under the oven grill later for dinner...

kabbo, Jun 22, 7:59pm
hey - i'm havng pork loin chops too.
i'm going to grill mine - with a brush on marinade made of tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce, brown sugar, vinegar and garlic.

grilling them is fine.

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