Venison Back Steaks

mandi, Feb 1, 3:05am
Hi, hoping someone can help me here, I have been given some venison back steaks, I've done some research on how to cook them and all recipes say to cook them rare, trouble is I can't stand anything cooked rare, is there any other way to cook the steaks? Will slow cooking them be any good? Any help appreciated!

rfur, Feb 1, 3:29am
hi has anyone got a red velvet cake recipe thats deliscious to make

korbo, Feb 1, 3:33am
venison steaks, just cook as you would a normal steak.
you could casserole them.

rainrain1, Feb 1, 3:49am
They don't have to be bleeding, we hate ours that way, so do butter in pan, 4 minutes either side, should melt in the mouth. go longer each side if you must. Do a tester first. Yum, now I want some

rainrain1, Feb 1, 3:50am
Casserole the back steak, oh no such a waste of good meat

john946, Apr 7, 6:45pm
Agree with rainrain1, it would be such a waste to casserole venison back steaks! We eat fallow deer frequently and if you follow Lorraine's method above, you should be fine - I sometimes add some pepper steak seasoning or a little garlic to the oil/butter, but my husband likes his "just venison". I cut the steaks about 1.5cm thick. Good luck, C

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