Rhubarb, do you know if

coro2, May 30, 5:56am
it can be frozenuncooked? I was going to cut it into pieces and freeze, then cook it up as I need it.

245sam, May 30, 6:02am
yes, absolutely coro2 - I've always frozen rhubarb uncooked and it works perfectly including in the Rhubarb Custard Crumble as on this link:-

http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=19&t=491

jessie981, May 30, 6:02am
Can do. Either freeze free flow & package or freeze into portions needed.

coro2, May 30, 7:07am
Great, thanks for that, I will freeze now.

pickles7, Jun 20, 11:40pm
I used to, then never used it. I do if its cooked first and put in small lots. Silly but I never throw it out now. . I put a little salt in while cooking and very little water, as I like it sweet I put artificial sweetener in after its cooked.

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