Bread maker tips, please

jaez1, May 19, 3:00am
The metal paddle always sticks to the loaf - which in turn makes a hole big enough for a mouse grrrHow can I stop it sticking?
Also, can anyone tell me how much it costs to bake a basic loaf in the Panasonic breadmaker, including electricity and all ingredients. I will add costs of grains etc to that.
We had another brand breadmaker, but the loaves came out like hard bricks - same recipe as the Panasonic. Any commnets on that? Thanks kindly.

eastie3, May 19, 6:10am
I had the same problem and another TM poster gave me the solution.

I have a Breville, and about 55mins into the cycle I reach in and take the paddle out. It's as easy as that.

lizab, May 19, 7:36am
I never bake bread in my breadmaker. I always make dough and then bake as I like (whole loaf or buns)

jaez1, May 19, 8:25am
I thought you aren't meant to open the lid during baking process. Does this flatten the bread?

sanders4, May 19, 8:26am
Had Breville breadmaker, many good loaves but paddle now frozen so bought Sanyo off Trademe and loaves are just fine. Have had hole problems with paddle but now read eastiescomment so will take out paddle. It is important to measure all ingredients exactly to avoid disaster. never had a hard brick!

raewyn64, May 19, 8:32am
I have the same problem with the paddle sticking but I make mine on the timer (when I am at work) so don't have the opportunity to take teh paddle out part way through.
i just live with it at present but would also welcome any suggestions.

korbo, May 20, 11:19am
type in my user name, and use anytime, i have put some recipes on here. too tired tonight to dig out the recipe.

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