Choc self saucing pudding

craftylady1, May 18, 12:12am
I made one last night, but again, like all of the recipes I have tried, the sauce seems to soak itslef into the pudding mix. Other than making extra sauce mix, how do i stop this happening, as I remember my mum used to make it and it had a nice, thick sauce under it. Last night I cooked it on non fake bake. Any suggestions appreciated

chef1964, May 18, 12:13am
are you using boiling water when you add that to the mix ?

craftylady1, May 18, 12:15am
Yes... followed the recipe tothe book...consisted of boiling water, cocoa and brown sugar, mixing til dissolved and pouring it over the back of the spoon on top of the batter

cookessentials, May 18, 12:15am
What temp do yu bake it at? I just wonder if the heat is too hot that the sauce is basically evaporating

craftylady1, May 18, 12:17am
Said to cook it at 180 on bake, or 160 fan bake... just used bake as i wondered if fan bake would dry it out

craftylady1, May 18, 6:26am
That may be the problem... leaving it for a while. I have printed out this recipe so will try it... thanks for that

jellybeanbee04, May 18, 6:30am
I mix the cocoa and brown sugar and put that on top of the pudding the pour the hot water on top and chuck in oven. Just made one so will have a look and see what the sauce does. I dont mix the water and sugar and cocoa though.

245sam, May 18, 6:34am
you're welcome craftylady1 - just be sure to not overcook the microwave pudding (although that's important too for the oven-cooked version) - when you take the pudding from the microwave IMO it should be slightly 'gooey' still in the very middle and by the time it has had its standing time and you've served it, then it should be just right. I hope you enjoy that pudding and if by chance you have any leftovers, then they'll freeze ok and can be carefully reheated in the microwave. :-))

craftylady1, May 18, 6:40am
LOL@leftovers with males in the house... I dont eat yummy stuff, but I am sure they will tell me what they think of it :-)

bisloy, 6 days, 17 hours
I make the base and then double or triple the topping (without premixing) as the sauce is a fav in our house too. Do have the problem of running out of dish though!

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