EasiYo yoghurt - made and and forgot about it

eastie3, May 14, 7:16am
I started a new yoghurt mix last night about 9pm, went to bed and forgot to put it in the fridge this morning. It sat on the bench in its vacumn flask-like container until about 4pm when I got home from work and realised. It's in the fridge now, smells and tastes fine, but is it safe to consume - or should I throw it out ?

dalbyj, May 14, 7:17am
I think they can stay in the flask for about 24 hours safely, but I could be wrong

eastie3, May 14, 7:23am
Thanks dalbyj, it's not as if the weather is especially tropical at the moment so I will use it. Perhaps I should give it to my DH first, just to be on the safe side ? Then if he's ok, I will eat it.

morticia, May 14, 7:24am
That's the spirit, what's the point in keeping a bloke and food testing yourself anyway?

waswoods, May 14, 7:50am
24 hours in the flask is fine

eastie3, May 14, 7:55am
Quite right. This strategy has served me well over the years, and kept me in rude good health.

maxwell.inc, May 14, 8:04am
I always incubate mine for 18-24 hours. . depending on how sour i want it... its perfectly fine (back of pack says 24 hours is fine)

eastie3, May 1, 7:19pm
Thank you maxwell. It is only the third batch I have made, and the packet has been thrown out.

Thanks for all replies.

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