Lost Recipes.

rarogal, Aug 25, 8:28am
I was gutted when I accidentally deleted over a hundred recipes from my Notes app on my IPad. However, I'm amazed how many I've found on here!

valentino, Aug 25, 8:42pm
That is ,my worst fear.

I use an external hard-drive to store recipes given via this and the web.
Am now thinking of putting them onto Flash Drives in their respective types-sort-of-thing and label them as such.

This will take some time but thinking how easy it can be for all to be lost.

Oh, I do have more favoured ones on hard copy, in a plastic folder as well but only the real favoured regular ones to remind me of ingredients as one does know how it comes together with these.


rarogal, Jan 2, 4:43pm
I know Valentino, I have thought for ages I must print all these out. well, bit late now, but will definitely do so in future!

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