Coconut yoghurt

eljayv, May 8, 9:19pm
Anyone here making it and if so which probiotic seems to work best?

harrislucinda, May 8, 9:29pm
i have only made from the packet brought from the shop is that what you mean ?

eljayv, May 8, 9:46pm
I was meaning using coconut cream and probiotic capsules.

nauru, May 9, 6:59am
I would be interested to know too.

geldof, May 9, 9:53am
I use 1-2 capsules of the 'Go" probiotic. Works really well

eljayv, May 9, 8:10pm
Thanks, and I’ve used probiotica p3 just with coconut milk and it is fine too. Will use coconut cream next time similar to Eleanor Ozich recipe.

shazzie10, May 10, 3:26am
I bought some and it taste foul!

neil_di, May 12, 5:19pm
I bought a small pottle of coconut yoghurt and used 3 TBS of that mixed with coconut cream. into my hansells yoghurt maker. perfect result.So if you are making on a regular basis using the starter from previous batch is economical.Ayam brand CC is the one i used.

eljayv, May 14, 1:31am
Thanks Ayam is what I have for next batch.

petmacorpltd, May 22, 12:05am
What are the quantities of coconut cream to 3T coconut yoghurt? Please.

geldof, Sep 19, 4:12pm
It doesn't really matter. The 'culture' will work on varying amounts but will just take a little longer.
# tbsp will do anything from a 400ml can to over a litre.

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