Christmas cake with pineapple

korbo, Dec 10, 9:31am
Have a feeling my big xmas cake is looking dry.
Wondering if I use the same recipe and put a tin of pineapple in it. I had a recipe with pineapple- alisonholst, but cant find it.
the other cake I soaked in port for 3 days.
will recheck recipes on here. just wanting proof that it wont go mouldy

crazynana, Dec 11, 1:50am
korbo I put the Alison Holst recipe with the pineapple recipe on here a few weeks ago. My Mum used to make it all the time and feed it every week or so with a little brandy to keep it moist and happy she said. She didn't have any brandy one year so used my brother's bourbon a few times. Needless to say he was not best pleased.

korbo, Dec 11, 2:32am
yes, will try this one thanks.

nauru, Nov 22, 10:11pm
Korbo, try wrapping it in a clean damp (not wet) cloth, checking every couple of days and damping the cloth if needed. My Mum and Granny did this, usually the week before it was needed and their cakes were always moist. I usually do this too and last year I was given a cake by a friend which was rather dry and crumbly (hers was too) so we both did this and it worked a treat and I've never had a cake go mouldy.

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