I've lost my gooey caramel slice recipe -from here

dibble35, Aug 22, 5:29am
A few years ago I got a wonderful caramel/Tan slice recipe from off of here. It had a short bready/cakey type base, then a layer of caramel (highlander milk etc) some walnut pieces then the other half of the dough that had been refrigerated was crumbled over the top. I've made this quite a few times and now I cant find my recipe. I'm hoping one of you guys has a copy you can post. I've searched and cant find it on here. It is very similar to this one my sister emailed me but has a few differences that i can remember, my recipe wasnt a salted caramel (easy fix) but my recipe also didnt use the caramel condensed milk, you made the caramel yourself with, condensed milk, butter?, Brown sugar? not surewhat, anyway hope someone can help.

harrislucinda, Aug 22, 8:05am
may be this it
175 grn butter 75 sugar vanilla ess 275 grm flour
cream butter sugar add ess then flour kneed into a sandwich try
keep handful back for later

top 50 grm butter 1lbsp golden syrup 1/2 tin condensed milk
blend together over low heat spread over base then sprinkle over dough you saved can add walnuts
bake 35 min at 350 deg

glasshalfull, Jan 3, 6:09am
bobcat thanks cause I have made that quite a few times years back and have forgotten all about it. But instead of using just the 1/2 condensed milk I would used the whole tin and double the topping. Twice as good.

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